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I'm Taylor, a 22 year old artist, student and teacher living and working in Maryland

photography // sculpture // painting // drawing // illustration // fiber // architecture // installation // collage // printmaking // book arts // food

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from David Welch’s Material World series

Material World is my response to our contemporary consumer milieu. By treating these artifacts of consumer culture as Duchampian-inspired Assisted Readymades, I photograph assemblages, constructed by my own hand to form monuments and totems that serve as precarious externalizations of culture and social biography. Modeling Marx’s concept, the photographs of the totems then act as symbolic mirrors, points of reflection for my own contemplative gaze and that of society’s. The photographs speak of accumulation and materiality and aim to encourage debate about consumption and the ways in which we feel compelled to consume.

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#david welch  #photography  #ready mades  #marxist  #consumerism  #totems  #scultpure 
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